Saturday, April 10, 2010

superficial bladder cancer: Trans Urethral Bladder Tumor Resection video

A 23 –year old gentleman presented with gross total hematuria since 1 month. He was a non-smoker and non- alcoholic. He did not have any comorbidities. The patient was investigated with imaging(ultrasonography) and blood biochemistry and hematological tests. The ultrasonography revealed 3 cm papillary growth in right lateral wall of the bladder and the urine cytology confirmed malignancy. He was taken up for endoscopy which confirmed the clinical diagnosis. With the help of resectoscope; the growth was resected .At the end of the procedure a deep cut was taken to include the muscularis propria to aid in staging of the disease and the further treatment. The final histology came as Ta Grade 2 The patient has been kept on 3 monthly follow-up with check cystoscopy.

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