Thursday, June 3, 2010

Testosterone undeconoate depot:better dosing conveniece

We had one gentleman 56 year old complaining of loss of libido and decreased erection. He also complained about irritative mood and lack of enthusiasm. He was investigated and found to have a low testosterone level(230 ng/dl.)

He was started on testosterone local gel to be applied daily on his shoulder and after a period of 2 weeks; he underwent total and free serum testosterone assay again which was disappointedly low ( 268 ng/dl).

His erection had improved but not strong enough for penetration.He was also taking PDE-5 inhibitors along with hormone replacement.
He was now started on Testosterone undeconoate Depot 1000 mg/4ml deep intramuscularly as some patients have erratic absorption from local application.
The depot preparation would suit many patients as the injections can be placed at a wider intervals.For example we have scheduled the depot injection on 0,6th,18 th and 30 th weeks with Serum PSA and Complete Blood Parameters to be done on 18 th and 30 th weeks.
So there is convenience of administration as well 3-5 times lesser injections to achieve the sufficient testosterone in hypogonadal men.

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