Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fast and convinient consultation system in Dr Ramayyas Hospital:

We have started a disciplined approach in reception centre at Dr Ramayyas hospital wherein the patient would be seen within 10 minutes of his/her arrival in the hospital.The tests also will be carried out as soon as possible so a pausible cause of the disease and the medications will be started without delay.Our centre has three fulltime urologist and one Urology Associate available for the round the clock.These doctors are specialised in different areas so the patients as per the complaints and the disease will be seen by the superspecialist immediately.
The emergency patient also would be immediately seen without any delay.The delay in consulation is most annoying for the patient and the dillydallying in investigations and the reports also adds to their woes.
We have equipped ourselves with all the posible surgical investigational armamentarium-blood tests,USG(transvaginal,trans-rectal,Follicular Monitoring,penile doppler test),Radiology,uroflowmetry.Recently we have added Urodynamic machine with the state of the art urodynamic chair also to our armamentarium.We carry out semen analysis,vibrator therapy,intracavernosal injection tests,cavernosographies,Vacuum Erection Device test,Nocturnal Penile Tumuscence Test here.We have also installed state of the art surgical microscope to complete the andrology Lab.These equipments will prevent to certain extent patients being referred again and again to different centres.
Dr Ramesh Ramayya-CEO and the Chairperson of the Institute will be looking into prostatic diseases and endourology.Dr Nath-Clinical Director will look into urological reconstructive field apart from endo-urology.Dr Naveen Acharya-Consultant Urologist will see andrology-impotence and infertility cases with assistance from Dr Mahesh Sable-Medical Suptd. and seminologist to complete any seminological requirements.Dr Santosh - Consultant Urologist will look after areas of laparoscopic Urology and Female Urological aspects.

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