Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seminal Vesiculoscopy:recent case in prostatic utricular cyst


We operated a total 8 cases of seminal vesicle obstcruction over last year.

All had low volume ejaculate,azoospermia or severe oligospermia or hematospermia.Out of them;two cases of hematospermia totally resolved after the surgery.

Out of six cases of azoospermia(out of six); four improved- one couple even concieved.Two patients didnot improve.

This shows a great future for seminal vesiculoscopy in obstructive azoopsermia and also hematospermia.It helps in hematospermia.In one case it abated as we did removal of the seminal vesicle calculus in other case there was only congestive hematospermia.It probably helps in idiopathic hematospermia by decreasing the intraseminal vesicular pressures.

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