Monday, December 2, 2013


                  Uroflowmetry is a simple, noninvasive, reliable, repeatable and cost effective investigation to screen for and diagnose lower urinary tract abnormalities. Any person suffering from various urinary disturbances need this simple test to look for any abnormalities in voiding. In this test, one has to pass urine in a specialised funnel that is connected to a flow sensor.
  • Elderly(>50 y) men undergoing non-urological surgeries may have underlying bladder outlet obstruction secondary to prostatomegaly. 
  • Healthy men above 50 y also need this test as a part of general health checkup to identify obstruction at an early stage so that it complications like renal failure, retention, stones, bleeding and infections can be prevented.
  • People with symptoms can be better assessed by this test and the treatment can be significantly guided by the findings on this test.
Uroflowmetry Machine

Normal pattern - to severely impaired flow patterns

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