Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Andrology Department in Dr Ramayyas Hospital

We are glad to announce that a full fledged dedicated andrology department in Dr Ramayyas Urology Nephrology Hospital is functional.
We have started doing microsurgical reconstructive surgeries for male infertility and also for varicocele.
These are the facilities available in the hospital:

Semen analysis
Hormone profile measurement
Tran-rectal ultrasound
Testicular biopsy (diagnostic)
Colour doppler ultrasound for the testes
Micro-surgical varicocelectomy
Microsurgical vasectomy reversals
Micro-surgical vaso-epididymostomy
Fertility preserving hernia and hydrocele repair
Trans-urethral ejaculatory duct resection
Seminal vesiculoscopy
No-scalpel vasectomy(NSV)
Sperm retrieval-microsurgical/open(Microdissection TESE)
Impotence evaluation and treatment
Medications for potency and pre- mature ejaculation
Bimix injections for potency
Vacuum erection devices/ penile rings
Penile venous ligation surgery
Penile implants
Penile revascularization surgery (post-trauma patients)
Surgery for penile curvatures and Peyronies disease


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