Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A 30 year old gentleman came to us with primary infertility.He had a very good educational background and belonged to banking sector.He was found to have severe oligospermia on evaluation.He was a known case of testicular carcinoma -Non seminomatous having undergone adjuvant chemotherapy.He was never counselled about sperm banking before the institution of chemotherapy.
One 1999 survey conducted by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation found that only about 50% of cancer patients receive adequate information about their post-treatment reproductive options, and that only about 25% of men eligible to bank sperm do. Given that the survival rate for testicular cancer is so high, quality of life issues such as family building are relevant to literally millions of cancer survivors like the one in our case.
The patient has just to visit the sperm bank and deposit the semen.The initial semen analyiss is done and then the semen is cropreserved.Even if the patient has undergone orchiectomny initially it is worth visiting the sperm bank and store whatever sperms he has now.With the advances in Assisted Reproductive Technologies and ICSI even a single sperm cell can be utilised for the successive IVF.
What is sperm bankingThe sperms are cryopreserved.With the induction of cooling the metabolic rate of the sperm is brought to a minimum level and they are halted in a state of suspended animation till they are thawed.The cooling and thawing can damage the sperms if done repeatedly but the sperms so obtained doesnot appear to altered genetic material.

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