Friday, April 5, 2013


Ultrasound machine is of prime importance to the urologist especially in the operation theatres. Most of the procedures in urology are basically image based( endo-urological).
Although most of the urologists are comfortable with C-Arm still ultrasound is indispensable in some cases. Such as obstructed uropathy needing PCN. In such scenario a blind puncture is risky and also cumbersome.The ultrasound guided calyceal puncture can be very safe and easy in such cases. It can also be less time consuming.
Also while conducting TRUS guided biopsy; we conduct all TRUS guided biopsy in OT. Under sedation in the presence of the anaesthetist it is safe and less painful for the patient. For urologist also he is free to take many cores as needed without patients movement. 
Many a times we perform TRUS biopsy for peripheral zone and LASER prostatectomy for central zone for elderly patients with borderline elevated PSA s. It avoids two procedures and anaesthesia. The patients who are above 75 years and have significant Bladder Outlet Obstruction ; combining the two procedures do not anyway change the final plan.

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