Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cystolithotrispy and Bladder neck incision by AURIGA 30 W LASER

A 40 year old  gentleman presented with obstructive lower urinary tract symptoms with on and off hematuria.On evaluation ; he was found to have severe obstructive flow with 2 cm calculus in the bladder.His  prostate was 18 gm in size on ultrasound evaluation( it correlated with the DRE findings of flat prostate).
He was taken up for cystolithotripsy and Bladder neck incision. The anterior urethra was normal .The bladder neck was high and the bladder was tarbeculated ( Grade 2 trabeculations).The ureteric orifices were normal and there was a 2 cm stone in the bladder( smooth surface).
We used Auriga 30 W LASER ( From STARMEDTECH from Germany) for the bladder neck incision and cystolithotripsy.

The advantage of Auriga 30 W is that it delivers high power pulses which is ideal for the stone fragmentation and disintegration. It also can be used for the soft tissue applications like LASER excision of the urethral stricture, bladder neck incision and smaller prostates.

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