Monday, March 25, 2013


A 30 year old gentleman came from Orissa for treatment of azoospermia.
He had a semen analysis  done which showed 1.5 ml quantity and nil count with semen culture positive for enterococcus.He gave occasional history of perineal pain.
He did not have any sexual dysfunction and comorbdities.He was not on any chronic medications.
He was evaluated for azoospermia and found to have normal reproductive hormones assay. Trans Rectal ultrasound examination also revealed normal seminal vesicular anatomy.His USG doppler revealed bilateral grade 1 -2 variocele.
He was taken up for VEA ; before the proedure we did epididymal aspiration and found to have abundant motile sperms under microscopy.

Bilateral microsurgical  VEA with Berger's two suture intusussepting  technique was done.

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